Immersive Aviation Simulation Solutions
Flight simulation never felt more immersive; ground breaking pilot and ATC software that brings your aviation experience to life.

About Us

Terminal2 Solutions create innovative, class leading software to provide a realistic online aviation simulation experience. Using our bespoke systems and services we integrate online pilots and air traffic control operatives into a seamless virtual aviation world.

Flight Simulation


Our latest pilot client for your favourite flight simulation software. Fully integrated into your simulator, it provides the connection to T2:Network where you join other online pilots. An extended feature-set of pilot-focused tools for communication, flight planning and aircraft configuration provides the perfect solution for all your online flight simulation needs.

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If pilots are the free spirits of the skies then air traffic controllers are the guardians of sanity. Our ATC application brings you all the thrills and challenges of being an air traffic controller, but in the safety of a virtual world. T2:Controller is an advanced feature-rich air traffic management application for use in conjunction with the T2:Network – putting you in control of the virtual skies.

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Connecting pilots and air traffic controllers together in an exciting, immersive virtual environment is the job of our state-of-the-art scalable cloud servers which handle all the aircraft connections and ATC management data. Combined with an ensemble of additional services and supporting modules, T2:Network provides the perfect infrastructure for our virtual worlds.

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Community Project

We believe it is far better to give than receive, which is why we take great pleasure from sharing our knowledge and experience with the flight simulation community. The Community Project allows us to help support aviation enthusiasts by making available a wealth of aviation-related information and helpful applications.

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It is not just the software or the servers that make connecting to T2:Network a rewarding experience; it is the members who populate and breathe life into these virtual worlds. From flying clubs, Virtual Airlines, aviation enthusiasts and professionals – your voice is important to us.

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